3 Top Vegan Grocers in the Perth Area

A few years back, a lot of people were quick to judge veganism as a passing trend. Vegan. Organic. Fair trade. GMO’s.

Once upon a time, those who uttered those words were judged as hipsters and hippies that surely live in a bush commune.

However as with most new trends and ideas, once we become more educated as a society, more people see the value in it and it’s taken more seriously as a lifestyle choice.

Recent years have seen a rise in the vegan movement, with many people adopting the lifestyle and shouting about its health benefits from their rooftops. So, what does being a Vegan actually mean?

What is Veganism?

Veganism is a lifestyle choice avoiding animal products. More than that, there are “types” of vegans too. My Foodie Box is proud to include several options for our valued vegan clients!

Dietary Vegans are those that do not consume any food that is derived from animals. For example: no eggs, no cheese or traditional dairy products and of course, no meat.

Whole Food Vegans are those that rely heavily on fruits and vegetables and other plant-based foods like nuts, lentils, beans, and grains.

“Junk” Food Vegans like to eat heavily processed vegan food or substitutes such as vegan bacon, vegan friendly cheese, vegan desserts and frozen vegan mac and cheese meals.

As a general overview, vegans will avoid foods that are derived from animals, but that is not just limited to eggs, meat, dairy, and honey.

Serious vegans will also avoid ingredients that are derived from animal products; this includes albumin, casein, carmine, gelatin, pepsin, shellac, isinglass, and whey. These ingredients can be found in things you might not expect like beer, chewing gum and beauty products.

Why adopt a Vegan Lifestyle?

The movement began in 1944 in England. It started with a small group of vegetarians that wanted to increase their commitment to denouncing the exploitation of animals.  In more recent times, people have different reasons for choosing a vegan lifestyle. Some include:

Morals and Ethics

Choosing such a lifestyle on the basis that all living things deserve the right to live. These ethics usually extend to cruel and unsustainable farming practices and opposing the consumption of animal by-products, including in the animal’s milk and skin used in the fashion industry. There are vegan alternatives to using animal leather and eating meat, and they are committed to sourcing them.


Science has proven the health benefits of a balanced vegan diet. Plant-based diets can reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. Studies have also shown that vegan diets can reduce your body weight and your BMI, which is beneficial for your overall health.


Some people choose veganism for environmental factors. The agriculture industry is a huge machine that is responsible for 65% of the world’s nitrous oxide emissions; as well as 35-40% of methane emissions and 9% of carbon dioxide emissions. It’s these three nasty gases that are involved in climate change.

Where Can I shop Vegan in Perth?

In the Perth area, we are so lucky to be surrounded by fantastic producers and products. It’s one of the reasons why your weekly food delivery from My Foodie Box is so fresh and diverse!

Veganism has become more “mainstream” in recent years and has become more accessible for everyone. These are our top pick for Vegan Grocery Stores in our local Perth area.

La Vida Vegan

60 Coghlan Road, Subiaco WA 6008

La Vida Vegan is Perth’s only completely vegan grocery store. Everything, absolutely everything here is vegan-friendly. Not only do they stock a wide variety of vegan foods, but they also stock vegan beauty products and gifts. La Vida Vegan also ships Australia wide (cold and frozen items delivered in Perth only) and even has AfterPay for orders over $150

Basil’s Fine Foods

5/36 Anchorage Dr, Mindarie WA 6030

While Basil’s Fine Foods is not technically and completely vegan, there are so many options that we just had to include them. The quality of the produce and food items here are second to none. They have a huge range of organic beans, fruits, vegetables, chia and quinoa seeds.

Basil’s Fine Foods stocks a range of well known and popular organic and allergen-free brands including Bob’s Red Mill, eco, Roar Superfoods, Dr. Chia, Chef’s Choice, Loving Earth, The English Tea Shop and Tea Tonic amongst many others.

They also have a click and collect type service as well as delivery in local areas.

Loose Produce

171 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park WA 6100

This place is filled to the brim with specialty ingredients for just about everyone. Vegan options galore, as well as gluten-free and paleo and everyone in between. They also serve fair-trade coffee made from ethically sourced beans so that you can sip while you shop.

My Foodie Box

If you are time-poor and want variety in your cooking, we offer vegan-friendly food boxes and deliver them to your door. Our Vegan Box is filled with high-quality and plant-based produce, high in protein and rich in nutrients. Our super-healthy and nutritionist-approved recipes will impress even the fussiest Foodie. Who would’ve thought a vegan meal could be this tasty!

At My Foodie Box, we also pre-portion your ingredients to cut food waste, and we come back and pick-up all of the packaging that we recycle, re-use, and compost so you don’t have to worry about your carbon footprint. Have a look at our closed-loop system on our dedicated packaging page.