5 Ways to spoil Mum this Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

Because a mum’s love is probably the most dear to us, because she is the one and only person to cherish us no matter what happens in our lives, because she is the only one to support us, to encourage us without compensation, in short to love us with an unconditional love, so even if we have to show her our love and our affection every day – without exception – on May 8, Mother’s Day, we have to prove to her even more how essential she is in our lives!

Make her breakfast in bed
Start the day gently, with this very first attention. Who hasn’t dreamed of breakfast in bed? Show her all your love by preparing her favourite coffee or tea and treat herself with delicious sweets. For example, our delicious Lavender Scones are available now on the menu. This morning, no rush, give her time to enjoy, explain to her that everything is under control! It’s the perfect time to reminisce about childhood memories, beautiful joyful anecdotes accompanied by bursts of laughter! Enjoy Mum, we love you!

Give her flowers
All the mums in the world love the little attentions, flowers are one of them! Perth is full of many talented florists making wonderful bouquets of native flowers. In order to avoid the rush, anticipate Mother’s Day and order your bouquet a few days before.
It’s D-Day, Mother’s Day, slip the bouquet of flowers on the breakfast tray, it’s all done, smile guaranteed!

Cook her a healthy and tasty lunch or dinner
What greater happiness than sharing a meal together! Give her a rest, be the boss in the kitchen. Cooking with love is the secret. Why not her favourite dish? Need ideas? My foodie Box will save your day. Choose your menu, order online, and receive all the ingredients directly at home. At My foodie box, we source quality products from local producers to ensure both freshness and flavour! Give it a try!

Take a walk with mum
Perth is full of beautiful walks, in the hills, along the coast, lakes or even in your neighbourhood. In short, the place does not matter, it is the moment and the sharing that counts! Make the most of this quality time with your mum, walk at her own pace, always over the stories of your childhood, ask about her life, her story, her past! How was she as a child or teenager, her meeting with your dad… in short, learn from her about her life, about the life of the past, make it a memorable moment.

Simply call mum on Mother’s Day
You’re away from your mum and won’t be able to spend this Mother’s Day with her, don’t worry, pick up your phone and give her a call! But be careful, don’t wait until the end of the day to do it, show her that you love her, that you’re thinking of her. Brighten her day by calling her in the morning!