Australian Diet & Nutrition – How My Foodie Box Can Help

You don’t have to look too far to find research stating that the average Australian’s diet is in a dire state.

Most people understand that the things we eat play an important role in our health, well-being and how we feel. There has been so much research, data, and information surrounding what we need to be eating to properly fuel our bodies, but the message does not seem to be getting through.

Are we too busy? Are we too focused on areas of less importance? Or are we unsure, too confused and overwhelmed by the information? Now more than ever, we have the information we need, but that information doesn’t always translate to action.

Serving sizes and portion control are buzzwords we hear thrown around quite a bit, but what sort of quantity are we really talking about?

Here are examples of what an actual serving size is exactly:

·     1 serve of veggies is the equivalent of ½ cup cooked veggies

·     1 serve of fruit would be a medium-sized apple

·     1 serve of grains is approx. ½ cup of pasta or couscous

·     1 serve of meat (or alternative) is approx. 65-120g of meat cooked

·     1 serve of dairy (or alternative) is about 1 glass of milk

With these examples in mind, the table below represents what the Australian Dietary Guidelines suggests is the correct daily serves needed to maintain health and general well being.

Tab of recommended daily serves by food group

Something that you won’t see in the table above is any mention of discretionary foods.

Discretionary foods are those food sources that we simply don’t need nutritionally. They fall outside the five food groups required to maintain a healthy diet. These include things like pizza, alcohol, desserts, chips, soft drinks and fried foods.

It’s concerning that approximately one-third of the energy that Aussies consume is from these discretionary foods, and it’s our teenagers who are eating the most junk. Fourteen to eighteen-year-olds intake of junk food make up for approx. 41% of their energy.

Teaching children and teens about cooking real food and good nutrition is a life skill. It will set them up for success when it comes to their health and well-being. The meals contained in your My Foodie Box weekly delivery make it easy to involve children and teens in the process, from choosing dishes and menus online, to helping with meal preparation and cooking.

Whether you have children in your home or not, you can rest easy knowing that the guesswork of “daily intakes” and “recommended serves” has been taken care of by the team at My Foodie Box.

Did you know?

·     My Foodie Box meals cover up to 80% of your daily-recommended intake of vegetables? This leaves room to move when it comes to breakfast, healthy snacks and lunch.

·     Non-vegetarian and non-vegan meals from My Foodie Box contain between 60-90% of the daily recommended intake of meat.

·     You will never find added sugar, added salt, saturated fats or preservatives in your meal kits delivered from My Foodie Box.

My Foodie Box can’t help but take advantage of the best produce that Western Australia has to offer, and that includes a wide range of fresh seasonal vegetables.

Most of our meal kits are delivered with no less than three types of vegetables, sometimes four! This is great news considering that 92% of Aussies don’t get the recommended daily serves of vegetables in their diets.

In our fast-paced, busy lives, we are constantly barraged with information about health, nutrition and the latest trends in what’s going to lead us to the fountain of youth. It’s confusing, and it’s exhausting!

My Foodie Box’s philosophy towards nutrition and healthy eating habits is simple. We provide our customers with real food, the way nature intended. Our seasonal produce is packed with nutrients and minerals that nourish our bodies. No added nasties, just the best of what farmers and growers have to offer.

Providing healthy and tasty meals for yourself and your family doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s quite the opposite actually!

Depending on what your family enjoys, My Foodie Box provides many options that effortlessly combine lean proteins with grains and vegetables that will nurture the body and soul.

No guesswork required.