Corn Starch Tubs? No Plastic Here!

Surprisingly, the see-through tubs in your meal box are not made from plastic. Despite the look and feel of the containers, they are in fact made from corn starch and sugarcane.

Read on to learn more about these impressive food containers.


Sustainably Sourced


By sourcing food packaging made from plants, we use renewable natural materials.

And not only do we use plant materials; our corn starch tubs are made from sustainable and responsible sources as well.

In addition, producing these plant-based containers create less CO2 emissions compared to plastic.




Unlike plastic packaging, our corn starch tubs are 100% compostable and biodegradable. This means that we don’t generate waste that pollutes our Earth.

In fact, these tubs can be composted in just 12 weeks in composting conditions, truly guaranteeing a nature-friendly container for your food.


Safe and Non-toxic


No nasty parabens or phthalates here!

Plant-based materials are free from plasticizers, preservatives and other potentially harmful ingredients that are often added to plastic packaging.


A Guilt-free Meal Box


It is no surprise that My Foodie Box is proud to use these corn starch and sugarcane tubs.

Unlike other food services and grocery stores, we do everything we can to help our environment.

If it doesn’t compost or if it can’t be recycled or reused, we are not using it!

So say goodbye to waste and hello to a guilt-free meal box, and order your My Foodie Box today!