Eat good Feel good

In a faced-paced world that’s ever-evolving, in which the internet allows us to source produce from all over the world, we believe that proximity, human ties, seasonal produce are all criteria that guarantee better food.

Are you wanting a better diet? With being essential, we also have strong values to respect good taste and quality our environment and support our local communities.

Did you know that all year round, our boxes contain at least 98% sourced produce from local growers in Western Australia!


We think it’s important to remember that the shorter the consumption circuit, the lower the carbon footprint of each product. The more you buy locally, the more you support the local community, the producers but also the whole surrounding ecosystem. Around each producer, is a real economic ecosystem that is created, supporting both suppliers and customers. They help bring our countries to life, thus offering jobs to our children in the future!


Why buy local? Here are My Foodie Box’s 5 essential reasons:


Eat in-season to stay healthy!
Eating local means favouring local produce that respect the seasons. Fruits and vegetables that consider seasonality are the most nutrient-dense. Indeed, as nature is well made, fruits and vegetables adapt to our needs according to the seasons. We will thus find the precious vitamin C in citrus fruits in winter while summer will be conducive to fruits and vegetables full of water such as cucumber or watermelon to hydrate our body. In addition, foods that mature naturally contain more nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, or antioxidants since they develop naturally these nutrients to defend themselves against external aggressions.

Consume fresh produce
Seasonal fruits and vegetables also mean fresh and much healthier produce. Since they are produced in season, local fruits and vegetables do not undergo nutrient alteration. Thus, they are not subject to transport over long distances and are picked at maturity, at the ideal time. Transporting foodstuffs over long distances involves preserving them. This is usually involves adding external agents (additives, colourings, preservatives, etc.), refrigerating them or picking the fruits and vegetables before they are ripe so that they ripen during the journey.

Know the origin of the produce
By consuming local, it is easier to to source the foods origin, and how it is produced. This ensures  as few intermediaries as possible between the grower and your plate to make the most of the produce and its nutritional richness. Why consume produce from the east coast or other parts of the world when we have most of our needs produced in WA? Who doesn’t fall for the best bananas in the world from Carnarvon, or Citrus from Gigin or the South West, or even for apples grown down south!

Consider the environment
Local produce only travels a few kilometres at most. Compared to imported produces travel long distances involving transport by truck or boat. All this presents a very heavy energy balance and a lot of pollution. In addition, to be able to undergo transportation, the produces are generally over-packaged to be protected. Consuming local also means reducing waste such as plastics!

Support the local economy
Consuming local produce also means supporting the local economy by allowing better remuneration for the growers around us. Investing money in a local business has much more impact on a territory than when this money is intended for supermarkets and other large consumer areas. Consuming locally also means rediscovering the pleasure of local commerce and therefore of human contact. It is also a good way to preserve the know-how of craftsmen and producers who contribute to the cultural influence of the territory.

These principles are anchored in the DNA of each collaborators of My foodie Box, and it is together that we act on all the links of the production chain to  delight you every day with wonderful local product.

From the creation of the recipes, our executive chef and her team consider the seasonality of produce, updating the production charts of each of the fruits and vegetables used from one year to the next! The guarantor of this knowledge is our Produce buyer, Damien, 33 years of experience in the fresh produce industry. Damien’s motto is : “We source quality produce as best as we can!”.