Is a meal kit really more expensive than grocery shopping?

My Foodie Box - food box delivery service Perth

Here’s how much big supermarkets are charging you for a meal.


Do you sometimes look at your half-empty grocery cart at checkout and wonder what on Earth costs so much? Or even worse realise that you have food for 2 and-a-half dinners in that cart? When did home cooking became so expensive?

When comes meal planning, you have two options: you either do it yourself thinking it’s financially worth the time and headache, or you can order your favourite food box delivery Perth service: My Foodie Box.

It’s easy to put a price on dinner box because it’s transparent, there’s everything you need inside, you don’t need to add-up dozens of ingredients. But going at your local supermarket for grocery shopping will often result in playing “The Price is Right” if you try to figure out how much a meal costs you.

No more guessing, we did the hard work for you and compared the price of two of the meals available in our meal box delivery service (My Foodie Box) to the price they would cost in two supermarkets you can find in Perth. We’ll call them the big green and the big red supermarkets.

Here’s how you could be saving money when you buy your fresh ingredients.


The meals


Seared steak with roasted sweet potato and feta salad

My Foodie Box - food box delivery Perth

The ingredients considered to compare the price of this delicious meal are a pack of beef steaks of the same weight, honey, seeded mustard, different spices to make the steak rub, a carrot, a sweet potato, pumpkin seeds, mesclun salad, diced feta and sherry vinegar.


Price comparison

For all of the above ingredients and for two people, the big green supermarket charges you $38.72, while the big red supermarket will set you back $39.42.

For the exact same ingredients, your favourite food delivery Perth My Foodie Box will only cost you between $24 and $27.32 for two people (depending on the food box you choose). That’s up to 39% in savings!!

My Foodie Box - food box delivery service Perth

The best part is that you can save even more by using the promo code at the end of this post, that will make you save $80 over your first four dinner boxes. Pulling the price of this meal down to $19.99.


Teriyaki snapper with sesame peanut noodle salad

My Foodie Box - dinner box delivery service Perth

For this customers’ favourite dish, we compared the price of the following items: fish fillets of equal size, vermicelli noodles, a bunch of bok choi, spring onions, ginger, mirin, shiitake mushrooms, soy sauce, sesame seeds, crispy shallots, rice wine, sesame oil, sherry vinegar, teriyaki sauce, a carrot, a red capsicum, and peanut butter.


Price comparison

This tasteful dish will cost you $50.44 at the big green supermarket, pretty similar to the big red supermarket receipt adding-up to $50.55! That’s quite a hefty cost for a homemade mid-week dinner!

No surprises with My Foodie Box, the price doesn’t fluctuate: between $24 and $27.32 for two people, that’s up to 52% cheaper!!

Add the first-time discount to that (available at the bottom of this post) and get this restaurant-quality meal for $19.99, ingredients delivered, with an easy-to-follow recipe, and ready in 30 minutes.


Value what’s left out


What we left out of the calculations has an even bigger value: time and health. A food delivery Perth service like My Foodie Box will provide you with fresh produce straight from locally sourced WA farmers. And by cooking from scratch fresh veggies and meats, you know what goes into your plate. No added sugar, salt, or preservatives.

My Foodie Box’s dinner box will also provide you with easy-to-cook recipes, variety in your plate, and best of all, no more trips to the supermarket so you can spend time doing what’s important to you.


Want to give My Foodie Box a try? Head to www.myfoodiebox.com.au and use the code SAVING$ at checkout to save $80 over your first four food delivery boxes.


*offer expires on 20/04/2021, new customers only. Supermarket prices are for online shopping in Perth, not including delivery. Last price update August 2020. My Foodie Box – meal delivery Perth