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Truffle Month in Perth with My Foodie Box - Fresh food delivery Perth

What are truffles?

Truffles, as found in exotic dishes in Michelin Star restaurants, are eatable fungi. They grow underground near the roots of a tree. If you’re thinking to buy some wild and flavourful truffles for you, it would cost you a lot of money. So, the question arises: Why are truffles so expensive?

The answer lies in the method of their farming. Not only they are hard to grow but it is too inconvenient for the suppliers to store them for exceeding periods. In size, you can get a truffle the size of a strawberry to the size of an apple.

Although there are numerous species of truffles that exist in the world, the best ones are cultivated only in specific regions, just like the best wine comes from certain parts of Europe. Let’s take Black Truffles for example that comes from France. The other example is of White Truffles that originate from Italy. Through the 1960s, these have been in use as delicacies in the art of gastronomy in the most celebrated restaurants across the globe.

Seeing the potential, many investors have been trying to cultivate truffles, so they became a part of the industry which is expected to grow over AU$8 billion in the coming years. However, it is not easy to cultivate the best species as farmers face a lot of challenges when it comes to the weather conditions in which these edibles grow – mild winter climate with warmth and no frost.

But if you succeed in cultivating the right truffle, food fanatics will be appreciating you in the best of spirits. The real food critics explain the perfect truffle to be earthy and musky to feel with just the right garlicky and pungent aroma, also, it has to give a resembling flavour to its cousin, the mushroom.

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A rare odour 

A multitude of compounds present in the truffle give it the perfect odour, and they vary from specie to specie. For example, the bismethane found in White Truffles gives it a particular taste. Moreover, the fungi have special compounds that influence the behaviour of the animals and insects eating them: pheromones. The specific pheromones associated with truffles are androsterone and androstenol, both are steroids produced in boars and humans respectively.

Scientific research shows these pheromones also influence humans in terms of truffle consumption, the same way dogs and pigs are influenced by the compounds. An important point in this regard which makes them too rare and expensive is the disappearance of this odour after a week these are dug up from the ground. So, if you happen to get a truffle in your dish, you should know it is a fresh produce.


Using truffles in cuisines 

Many chefs put truffles along with other food in closed containers to let the characteristic odour flavour dominate. Some also use truffle oil as a substitute for adding that aroma when it’s not possible to get the actual edibles. And honestly, most of the truffle oils found in the markets do not even contain real truffles as their composing material, rather there are chemical compounds artificially made and then mixed with the oil to give that rich flavour.

Truffle Month on My Foodie Box - fresh food delivery Perth


Indulge yourself with My Foodie Box! 

In August, My Foodie Box celebrates the sought-after ingredient with truffle-based recipes each week for a month. Enjoy one of the most exclusive ingredients on the planet, at no extra cost, by adding to your food box our truffle recipe of the week. Our Chef Yuki wants to give our foodies the opportunity to taste and replicate at home some high-end restaurant dishes.

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