We Love Local WA Produce! And Here’s Why:

At My Foodie Box, we are proud to use local ingredients. And not just Australia-local — WA local! This is no coincidence. We believe that local ingredients of the highest quality are the way to go.



Better Flavour, Colour and Texture


Local, seasonal produce is as fresh as it gets.

No lengthy transportation across the country, or even across the world. This means the time from Farm to Foodie is short, and that the time from harvest to your dinner plate is minimal.

This freshness is not just something to talk about — it is also highly visible in the ingredients in your meal box.

The fresher ingredients, the more intense the colour of your fruits and veggies and the better the flavour. The shorter time between harvest and your kitchen, the sweeter and juicier the fruits, the crunchier and crispier your veggies.

In addition, local crops are harvested at the peak of their ripeness. This stands in contrast with imported ingredients that are harvested prior to ripen and then artificially ripened during transportation.

Just think of a fresh, seasonal WA strawberry from an early summer day compared to an imported, sour strawberry in the middle of winter. Which one do you prefer?


Supports Local Businesses


WA fruits and veggies are in high demand, and for good reason. Our WA farms take pride in the high quality of their products.

By buying food grown, farmed, fished and produced in WA, we do what we can to support local businesses. We believe that a strong community leaves room for growth and for development. Supporting our local businesses creates jobs and boosts our economy.

By buying from WA, we can make sure to only use suppliers that share our visions on for example free-range farming and sustainable seafood.


Shorter Transportation


When importing fruits and veggies from Interstate, or even from Abroad, more fuel is used. This adds to the already vast amounts of emitted greenhouse gas throughout our planet.

Local ingredients, on the other hand, minimise the toll our food chain takes on the Earth by limiting the use of fuel. As an added bonus, the shorter transportation results in less food wastage. Throughout a long transportation chain, possibly involving both trucks, boats or planes, a large percentage of once-fresh produce will get crushed or spoiled.

By buying local, we opt for the shortest transportation chain possible, meaning that less food goes to waste in the process.


Ensures Variety


When we buy local food, we are affected by the seasons.

What this means is that we naturally cannot eat sweet, ripe and juicy Autumn plums in the middle of Summer. Just like we need to make do without ruby-red cherries until Christmas time.

In return, we get to cherish our fresh fruits and veggies when they are in their prime. Just because we need to wait until spring to eat fresh asparagus and artichokes, doesn’t mean we are short on seasonal produce the rest of the year. We just need to take a look at what our own farmers have on the menu right now.

This means we naturally ensure a varied menu, year-round, packed with ripe produce month after month.


We Love Local


What’s not to love?

Fresher food means tastier, healthier food that’s better for our planet and our community. And if all this doesn’t make you hungry for our local, WA produce, we don’t know what will.

Take a look at our menu and see how we use our seasonal ingredients this week HERE!