Mulled Wine: The Ultimate Winter Drink Around The World

The Australian winter isn’t really freezing (in the literal meaning of the word at least). But that doesn’t mean we should miss out on mulled wine. Mulled wine is a red wine-based, warm drink, full of spices and fruity aromas. It is usually alcoholic but can be non-alcoholic as well. It is the perfect winter warmer, ideal both as an aperitif, dessert or after-dinner drink.

Read on to learn about mulled wine around the world.

The U.K.: Mulled Wine

The Brits enjoy mulled wine during winter, and especially at Christmas time. It is made with citrus, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and similar warming spices, mixed with red wine and sugar syrup. Local variations include brandy, ginger wine or other spirits.

Germany: Glühwein

Glühwein mean glowing wine and is always served steaming hot in Germany. Usually made with sugar and grape wine, but on occasion with cherry wine, blueberry wine or other fruit wines. Like in Britain, typical spices include citrus, cinnamon, cloves and vanilla. Typical spirits to mix with the drink are rum and brandy


Scandinavia: Glögg

Unlike British and German versions, glögg has raisins and slivered almonds in the bottom of the glass, which you can eat with a spoon between sips. It is made with similar spices, red wine and sugar. However, instead of dark liquor, glögg has aquavit, schnapps or vodka — and a lot of it.

Eastern Europe: Grazane Wino/Glintveinas/Vin Fiert

Throughout Easter Europe, mulled wine comes with many local variations. For example, some will incorporate Amaretto, currant juice, black pepper, honey or lemon. Some countries, including Poland, will even base the drink on sweet flavoured beer rather than wine.

Canada: Caribou

Of course, the Canadians have a local version of the drink using — you guessed it — maple syrup. Mixed with red wine, spices, citrus and hard liquor, this mulled wine is especially popular in Quebec.

Australia: Mulled Wine

Finally, we’ve got the Aussie version. Pretty much similar to the British version, Australians like their mulled wine warm, red wine-based and with Christmas spices including ginger, cinnamon, star anise and cloves. Perhaps the most local, traditional ingredient in the drink down under is fresh, seasonal oranges, bringing you a citrusy, fresh aroma.