My Foodie Box: The Easiest Way to a Healthy Diet!

It seems that every month a new weight loss diet makes its way to the media. Healthy diets are trendy as ever, and for good reason. Who doesn’t want a healthy diet for themselves and their family?

Paleo, ketosis, 5:2, Atkins, meal-replacement shakes — the diets are as varied as they are numerous! Recommendations vary greatly, so it’s no wonder that finding a healthy diet that suits you can be a challenge.

But don’t worry. We think we’ve got the answer: it’s called My Foodie Box.


Eating a Balanced, Healthy Diet


Many health fad diets focus on reducing or eliminating your intake of one or more food group. For example, ketosis and low-carb diets exclude carbohydrates, just like the paleo diet excludes refined foods such as flour, gluten and sugars.

However, excluding foods you love — such as freshly baked bread, cake or even potatoes — may only make you want them more, potentially leading to overeating them later on.

Instead, eating an overall balanced diet with varied foods ensures that you get all the nutrients your body needs. In addition, if your diet is overall rich in fresh, seasonal fruit and veggies, healthy fats and fibre, indulging in your favourite treats every now and then is unlikely to make a big difference in your overall diet quality.


Persistence Is Key


After dieting, 95% of people will regain their lost weight in one to five years. That’s right; almost all diets fail. And the number one reason why diets fail? They are too hard to follow long-term.

Restricting yourself to follow a tight diet might work for you for weeks, months or even years. But realistically, at some point, you will drop your diet to once again eat the foods you love.

Instead, work on rebuilding your normal, every-day diet. Check out the official Australian Dietary Guidelines, which are evidence-based and simpler than most fad-diets on the market:

  • Eat a variety of nutrition foods (fresh local veggies and fruits, wholegrain, lean meats and no-sugar dairy products).
  • Drink water, not soda.
  • Limit your intake of processed foods high in saturated fat, salt and sugar (such as frozen meals and fast food).
  • Eat home cooked food

This way, there will be room in our diet for the occasional piece of cake, sausage sizzle or an ice-cold soft serve ice-cream on a warm Summer’s day. It’s all about everyday balance. By taking small steps towards a healthy diet every day, odds are that you will stick to healthy eating over many years, as opposed to struggling with a tight diet for only a few weeks.


How To Start Eating Healthy


Variation is key when it comes to balanced eating. Different foods are rich in different nutrients. Therefore, by including a variety of fresh foods in your diet, you naturally give your body the nutrients it needs — no excessive planning needed.

A great way of ensuring a varied diet is by following seasonality. Australia is blessed with year-round fresh, local produce, with new fruits and veggies ripening every month.

My Foodie Box is a meal kit that helps you eat varied. We source fresh, seasonal produce every week and deliver it to your doorstep along with easy-to-follow recipe cards. This way, all you need to do is the fun part: the cooking! Our executive chef and in-house nutritionist have planned your balanced meals for you, and our local procurement buyer has made sure that only the best ingredients WA has to offer makes it to your dinner plate. This way, you achieve home cooked, healthy dinners full of varied, fresh ingredients without even having to think about it.

Head over to see our recipes and find the healthy dishes that tickle your taste buds. Then get cooking with $30 off your first healthy meal box! Just use code getcooking30 at checkout.

Eating a balanced, healthy diet has never been easier than this. Bon Appetit!