4 Facts About Oranges That Might Surprise You!

It comes to no one’s surprise that winter is citrus season in Australia. In gardens everywhere, you see fruit trees bursting with lemons, limes, mandarins — and oranges.

Besides tasting fresh, juicy, sweet and sour, oranges are also packed with nutrients and are a great addition to a healthy diet.

Here are 4 surprising facts about oranges:

1: A boost of vitamins

 As you probably know, oranges are famous for their vitamin C content. Just a single, medium-sized Australian orange gives you almost twice the vitamin C recommended for a day!

In addition, the fruit has many other nutrients, such as vitamin B, vitamin A, calcium and potassium. Finally, oranges are an excellent source of antioxidants. Combined, this makes oranges a healthy choice, boosting your immune system and general health.

2: A low-calorie snack

Oranges are rich in fibre, which makes them a filling fruit to eat. In addition, they only contain natural sugar and almost zero fat. This means, that you can munch away on the citrus fruit without feeling guilty!

In fact, one orange contains only around 50 calories, making it the ideal addition to your winter diet.

3: A useful peel

Your immediate thought might be to eat the flesh of the fruit and discard the peel.

However, the peel has countless uses and can be a tasty addition to your kitchen. In addition, the peel has high fibre content and low sugar content, making it a healthy choice. Just make sure that the orange from which you take the peel is organic to avoid pesticide residue.

Try for example to grate the peels into bakeware or into your dinners. Orange peel makes a tasty addition to dishes with spices such as nutmeg, cardamom and cinnamon.

You can also add grated peel to smoothies, yoghurt and muesli for an extra zing in your breakfast.

Finally, the peel makes a great tea when boiling water with the peel and for example fresh ginger root, lemon juice and honey.

4: Australia produces 2 types of oranges

Australia produces 2 main types of oranges; navel and Valencia.

Navel oranges are the most popular and can be recognised by their sweet flavour, juiciness and few to no seeds. They are ready to eat in the winter months, from June to October.

The Valencia fruit grows in summer, unlike navel, and are available from November to February. They are even juicier than navel and are a great choice for juicing.