Where to Pick Your Own Strawberries in Perth

It’s finally the time of year we have all been waiting for; the strawberry season is here!

Even though strawberries can be grown year-round in Australia, the production peeks in Spring and early Summer. This results in cheaper and fresher berries and many farms open their doors for berry-hungry Aussies to pick their own.


Why Go Strawberry Picking?


Strawberries are sold by the punnet in Australian supermarkets. The plastic containers protect the berries from damage, but as it is single-use, they also add to the increasing plastic waste in our country.

By going to a farm and picking your own berries, you avoid these plastic punnets. Instead, most farms will give you a compostable cardboard tray, or even let you use your own basket.

Another benefit of picking your own berries is the guaranteed freshness. You will know that your sweet, juicy berries come straight from the farm, and haven’t spent days being transported from farm to supermarket and from the supermarket to your fridge.


Tips for Strawberry Picking


As the Australian sun is getting stronger by the day, the need for UV protections grows as well.

Remember to slip, slop and slap! Dress in a long-sleeved shirt, wear a hat and make sure to use plenty of sun lotion. Also, wearing closed in shoes is a good idea, as you will be walking in a farm environment.

Keep in mind that many farms do not have EFTPOS facilities, so bring cash just in case.


Where to Pick Strawberries in Perth


Ti Strawberry Farm: Located in Bullsbrook, Ti Strawberry farm is a 40-minute drive from Perth City. The farm is open on weekends when the strawberry season is just starting up, and all week during summer. Check their Facebook page before heading out to see if they are open.

Lena Strawberry Farm:Lena Strawberry Farm in Anketell is about half an hour away from Perth City and open for pick-your-own during selected weekends. Make sure to check the availability before going.

Kien Strawberry Farm:Kien Strawberry Farm in Gnangara is a further drive from Perth and only open for picking on selected days. Aside from berries, they also sell fresh, WA garlic.

D’Uva’s Strawberry Farm: Located in Wanneroo, D’Uva’s Strawberry Farm is not far from Perth North and is open on selected weekends. In addition to berry picking, you can also visit their deli or their weekend veggie market to support local growers.

Hoang Le’s Strawberry Farm: Open most weekend in the berry season, Hoang Le’s strawberry farm is worth a visit. Located in Wanneroo, it is just a short drive from Perth.