Photo of a man and his daughter chopping vegetables together

School Holidays in Perth – 7 Recipes to Cook with your Kids

The Perth School Holidays are getting ready to ramp up again; this is our last lot of Perth school holidays before the big break at Christmas!

When the kids are off school, the mornings are less rushed, most of the mums are less stressed (maybe?) and there seems to be more opportunities to spend quality time with the kids. School holiday activities are fun, but they can get expensive over the fortnight. Staying home doesn’t need to be a bore though, why not trade school lunch boxes for kids, for easy recipes that the kids can make, and get them into the kitchen!

Preparing food and cooking healthy meals is a life skill that we can demonstrate for kids. Teaching them some cooking recipes for kids will give them confidence in the kitchen when it’s eventually time for them to leave the nest.

Home delivered meals of greasy pizza and questionable takeaway joints are not in your child’s best interest; and even if they choose to have fresh food delivery boxes shipped to them from My Foodie Box, they’ll still need basic kitchen skills! Speaking of pizza, why not use the Perth school holidays 2019 to set your mini home chef up for success with some healthy recipes for kids?


Italian Sausage Pizza

Home-made Pizza is the guilt free alternative to takeaway from your local pizza joint. Using pita bases, pork sausage and caramelised onion, you can bet it will taste a lot better too!

Involve the children by letting them swirl the pizza sauce over the bases and sprinkling the cheddar on top before baking in the oven.

Soft Beef Tacos

Celebrate your own version of Taco Tuesday with our Soft Beef Tacos.

Our taco spice mix packs a flavour filled punch, as well as salad items to ramp up the nutritional value for growing kids.

Once you have cooked the beef mince on the stovetop and warmed the tortillas, serve all the trimmings in the middle of the dinner table, allowing hungry kids to pile their soft tortillas with all their favourite trimmings!



Mac ’n’ Cheese

What childhood is complete without experiencing the comfort and deliciousness that comes with a steaming bowl of Mac ’n’ Cheese?

Steer clear of powdered cheese varieties available in the supermarkets and opt for the gooey cheddar that’s included in your weekly meal box delivery from My Foodie Box.

You’ll be surprised how the Dijon Mustard and secret spice mix elevates the flavour of the Cheddar cheese in our recipe!


Italian Meatball Sub

Is there a better food match than juicy Italian meatballs, smothered in rich tomato sauce and topped with Parmesan?

This dish from My Foodie Box almost feels like takeaway, made right in your own home in around 30mins.

Kids can use the skills they’ve learnt from shaping Play Doh to help you roll these juicy meatballs! Served on fresh, toasty baguettes you’ll have full tummies and happy kids.


Crumbed Market Fish with Chips and Slaw

This is another takeaway favourite that has been given a fresh and healthy makeover by Chef Yuki at My Foodie Box. Nothing goes better with the relaxed vibe of school holidays than Fish and Chips!

Dill and garlic add special flavour to this dish, and our mayonnaise adds a light, but creamy character to our crunchy slaw. Kids can stir the slaw ingredients together or roll the fresh fish fillets in crispy breadcrumbs, ready for the oven. If you have a fresh squeeze of lemon on hand, it will always pair well with seafood; but don’t be surprised if the kids are reaching for the tomato sauce instead.

Crumbed market fish with chips and slaw


Lemon garlic chicken schnitzel

Lemon and garlic crusted schnitzel is a perfect main for the whole family to enjoy! So easy to make that you will feel like a proper home chef, and don’t forget a side of nutritious green beans and potatoes.

Kids will love crumbing the chicken breasts through flour, eggs, and bread crumbs. Involving them in adjusting the quantities of the lemon and paprika mustard sauce will have them devour their green beans in no time.


Quinoa fritters with rocket salad

These delicious potato quinoa fritters are naturally gluten-free, the perfect Summer meal, and are easy to make, too. Crispy and golden on the outside, soft and savoury inside.

Have the little ones rinsing the quinoa under running cold water while you peel and grate the potato. And, as you start preparing the salad and vinaigrette base, the fun starts for them with the fritter mixture. Ask the kids to gently squeeze the mixture and add sofrito and cooked quinoa to it. Once well mixed, ask them to divide the mixture into the number of fritters you want. All there is left for you to do is to cook them in a pan.


When the holidays are done, I always enjoy getting back into my normal routine, and that includes picking dishes, organizing my menu and enjoying the ease of having my meal boxes delivered to my door. In addition to the kid-friendly recipes above, the Honey Mustard Chicken & Italian Sausage Pasta from the My Foodie Box meal delivery services have become fast family favourites.  They are definitely two moreish dishes that get the seal of approval amongst the tiny humans that run my household. Kids are great at mashing potatoes and stirring ingredients through pasta.

I’ve also found that the more involved kids are in the cooking process, the more likely they are to devour the contents of your meal boxes. Wishing you all happy and safe school holidays.