War on Waste: How My Foodie Box Helps You Reduce Waste

At My Foodie Box, we care about our environment. So much, that we’ve ensured that all our packaging can be composted, recycled or reused, minimising waste!

We are proud to reduce our carbon footprint, through our no-food-waste approach, our environmentally friendly packaging and by sourcing WA local ingredients.


Why We Care


In 2014-15, Australia produced 64 million tonnes of waste. This equals a whopping 2.7 tonnes for every Australian. Out of this, only 60% was recycled. This means that every year, more than 20 million tonnes of garbage ends up in our landfills.

Landfills negatively affect our water, air and land quality. For example, contaminated water pollutes our groundwater and decomposing waste generates methane gas, contributing to global warming.

In Australia, about 20% of purchased food is discarded. This means that the average Australian throws out one in five grocery bags they buy, equalling $1,036 per year. Across the country, this adds up to roughly $8 billion worth of perfectly edible food.

At My Foodie Box, we want to change this. We know that it’s important to reduce both food and packaging waste as much as possible.

Read on to learn how we do it:


No Food Waste


Domestic food waste is often a result of cooking too much food and not knowing how to use leftovers. It is a result of buying takeaway food instead of using up ingredients in our cupboard, and thirdly, it’s a result of buying more than we can cook before the expiry date.

With My Foodie Box, neither of these are an issue. We source exactly how much is needed, we prepare your fresh produce, and we deliver it to you pre-packed in perfect portions. This means that you no longer end up with half a bag of wobbly carrots, chewy broccoli stalks or sprouting potatoes that you forgot you bought. Instead, you get exactly what you need, you always know how to use it, and no food ends up in the bin.

In addition, your meal Box is packed with fresh, local and seasonal WA ingredients. By sourcing locally, we limit how much food is wasted during transportation.

The food that does not make it to your meal box is either preserved, used in other dishes or composted at our HQ, making our production food-waste-free.


Cardboard boxes


Of course, your big MFB box is made from recycled materials. This means that all your fresh ingredients are protected from the WA sun and rain in a nature-friendly way.

Also, the mini boxes in your meal box are recycled and recyclable, so you can be sure that your ingredients are not only conveniently sorted by recipe, but also packed with future generations in mind.

We kindly ask you to return your main box and mini boxes to us when we deliver your next box. This way, we can reuse what is still in perfect condition, and make sure that damaged boxes are properly recycled so the cardboard can find a new use.


Wool-Based Insulation


You may have noticed our unusual-looking insulation. It is made from compostable wool instead of non-biodegradable polystyrene. If anyone knows how to keep cool in the scorching WA sun, it’s our sheep!

The Woolcool insulation is not only better for the environment, it is also better at keeping your food cool compared to the white polystyrene alternative. It’s a win-win!


Corn starch Containers


Your meal box contains small, see-through tubs. These are packed with flavourful ingredients for your meals: carefully mixed spices, homecooked marinades or the perfect garnish.

Even though they may look and feel like plastic, they are in fact made from corn starch. They are compostable, making them a fantastic alternative. Just return them to us with your empty cardboard boxes and we will make sure to compost them.




Did you know that normal stickers are not compostable? They are often made from plastic, and the glue is made from rubber or acrylic.

Therefore, we make sure to use paper stickers with water-based glue instead, which makes them compostable. And that’s not just the stickers that close your box, but also the stickers telling you what’s in your corn starch containers, in your bags and the stickers that colour code the mini boxes and inform you which ingredients belong to which recipe. Simple, easy, and guilt-free!


Natureflex Bags


Just like the corn starch containers, our Natureflex bags aren’t actually made from plastic. They are instead made from wood pulp, sustainably sourced from FSC managed forests. Just send them back to us with your empty cardboard box and we will compost them for you.


Want to Learn More?


If you want to learn more about what My Foodie Box does to help our World, have a look at the Recycle Your Box page.