Yuki’s Portrait: the Chef behind My Foodie Box

Yuki Higashi is a devoted food lover and kitchen aficionado. But most importantly she is the talented recipe creator and head chef behind My Foodie Box. Yuki has always been most passionate about cooking with real food; real flavour and making the most of the fresh seasonal produce that Western Australia has to offer.


While working in the hustle and bustle of a commercial kitchen in a popular 5-star hotel, Yuki never lost her desire to bridge the gap between local primary producers and consumers.

Enter Mai Hughes, the My Foodie Box brainchild and Managing Director. Mai approached Yuki about her idea to bring the best of what Western Australian farmers and growers had to offer and get it on the plates of busy Australians. Fresh food delivery, or farm-to-table, is a concept that Yuki had always wanted to be a part of, and now the opportunity had presented itself.


Yuki found it easy to leave behind the corporate kitchens in favour of following her dream, albeit on a smaller cooking scale. Her drive and passion were to pair optimum nutrition with the gold standard in quality local produce and make it accessible for Australian families.

My Foodie Box Chef Yuki cooking a new healthy recipe

Yuki explains:

“I knew that smaller local food businesses who were as passionate as I am were struggling to get their produce in Australian homes.”


Yuki’s philosophy for the original recipes she creates at My Foodie Box is simplicity at its best:

  • High-quality local ingredients
  • Fresh seasonal produce
  • Unfussy cooking processes that let the ingredients shine
  • Variety to suit a range of tastes and Foodie Families


If you’re someone that has enjoyed a meal kit delivery from My Foodie Box, you’ll understand what Yuki means.


When the quality of the natural ingredients is so good and so fresh, there’s no need to overcomplicate things. But that does not mean compromising on flavour or nutritional value. Yuki stands by this saying:

“My recipes are flavoursome but uncomplicated, because that’s the way I like to eat. For example, take my recipe for Pan-fried Salmon. It’s paired with roasted vegetables, balsamic beetroot, carrot, fresh rocket and tangy dill yoghurt to serve. When you’re sourcing wild-caught salmon from the best fisheries of WA, you can’t go wrong. It’s fresh, local, and some of the best fish in the world.”


Yuki makes a range of sauces, spice mixes, and some condiments from scratch in the My Foodie Box Perth kitchen to perfectly compliment the best seasonal produce that WA has to offer. She also toasts nuts and whole spices to increase the depth of flavour. These accompaniments serve to enhance the fresh ingredients in your meal kit delivery and get your taste buds dancing.


Yuki takes inspiration from the world around her and enjoys travelling. Having been born in Kyoto, Japan, she was given quite a diverse food education from an early age. Her mother was happy to let Yuki join her in the kitchen, and that’s where her love affair with food began. Yuki says:


“My Mum does not like cooking at all! I used to help her around the kitchen. When I plated up the meals, I always tried to make them look pretty. I guess that’s where my interest in food began and it eventually became a huge part of my life.”


With the ever-changing climate of tastes, food trends, portion sizes, and nutrition, Yuki stays on the cutting edge of what loyal My Foodie Box customers are saying and continues to deliver the high-quality meal delivery boxes that they’ve come to expect.


“We recently increased our portion sizes for proteins, pasta, and grains. Customer satisfaction is paramount.”


Yuki pays close attention to customer feedback and is also committed to hovering within the Australian nutritional guidelines.


“Most of my original recipes have four different veggies. I go crazy for vegetables!”


We are all living such fast-paced, busy lives these days; and sourcing fresh ingredients, quality meats, and vegetables can be time-consuming. Add to that the complicated nutrition labels found on processed foods and the uncertainty that we are providing our families and children with optimum nutrition or not.


That’s where Yuki’s expertise and My Foodie Box can help.


When people realize their passion, great things happen.

Yuki’s dream of closing the gap between local farmers and growers has been achieved.


Check out all Yuki’s inspiring and original recipes here and get it delivered in your next Perth fresh dinner box.

My Foodie Box Chef Yuki in recipe development meeting