One of My Foodie Box’s top priorities is to ensure your meals arrive fresh and safe in the most environmentally responsible packaging available. Our innovative team has selected and developed fully recyclable and compostable materials for our boxes.


At My Foodie Box, we provide a complimentary milkman service. We will collect and recycle, compost or reuse your box, insulated liners, ice packs and any containers with an orange sticker upon delivering your new box.


Our cardboard boxes are made of recycled cardboard and can be re-used several times!
Please leave your box outside your door for our friendly Foodies to collect upon delivering your next box.


Our insulated liner are made of wool. They help to keep your food fresh and cool. The liners are 100% compostable and can be re-used up to 6 times, so don’t throw them away! Just leave them inside your box for us to collect.


Our ice packs are made from non-toxic gel. They can be handy for your next camping trip or picnic. You can also leave them in your box for us to collect.


Each recipe is separated into its own bag to make it easy for storage and organisation, just check the colour of your sticker to identify your recipe.
The bags are made of kraft paper and are 100% recyclable.


Sometimes we have to use packaging to keep your ingredients together and fresh.
Those containers are either made of corn starch (100% compostable) or PET (100% recyclable). Just rinse them out and leave them inside your box in a paper bag for us to collect. These gets turned into fertiliser or filaments for 3D printers.


Unlike most plastic bags made from petroleum, our see-through bags actually come from renewable wood pulp that is sustainably harvested from FSC managed forests. They are 100% compostable and will keep your produce nice and fresh.


Our plastic bags are made from LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) and are BPA free. They fall into #4 type of plastic and are recyclable in most councils. If you are unsure, you can visit https://recycleright.wa.gov.au/ for more information.


In our kitchen and HQ, no food goes to waste. If an ingredient doesn’t make its way to your meal box, be sure that it is either preserved or composted. In addition, we hope that you make sure to minimise waste at home by recycling everything you can!

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